Research and Analysis

• Our work is underpinned by research, evaluation and analysis, believing that the derivative knowledge and evidence are crucial in shaping the changes needed for that vision of an Africa at peace with itself to be realized – an Africa that can assist its citizens and institutions navigate the challenges ahead.

• Extreme inequality, injustice, insecurity, poverty, corruption, bad governance and human right violations are the defining challenges of our time – challenging not only the AU and its Members, but the world at large. At AU Watch we believe that if we act now to address these challenges, Africa, and indeed the world will be a safer, fairer and more prosperous place! We conduct research on political, social and economic policies and many other social justice issues and themes defining the 21st century. Our researches are authoritative, providing strategic analysis and practical solutions to assist policy makers in both public and private sectors to achieve their goals.

• Our research also aims to create an environment for change. We are aware that public policy can in good governance, assist in eradicating corruption, reduce poverty, prevent human rights violations and promote more inclusive growth and greater social equity. We are of the view that strong, informed policies can help establish more stable economies with decent work opportunities for the poor, build peaceful societies, and advance development. But to be effective, policies must be supported by the citizens they are meant to serve. And they must be based on evidence.

• For organizations working in and on Africa, we can design tailored research, analysis and strategic assessments to improve their understanding of complex justice, security, development and human rights situations and to increase their relevance and effectiveness on those areas.

• In partnership with the University of The Gambia, the Nelson Mandela Leadership Academy and AU Watch’s Institute for Development and Human Rights Studies, we offer several popular certificate and postgraduate diploma courses in development and human rights that are integrated with our research activities. Some of our research addresses the complex and persistent challenges of (in)security, human rights, poverty, corruption, injustice, climate change and development. For example, our Policy Organs and Research Programme investigates how best to increase the legitimacy and accountability of public authorities in the areas of governance, security, and justice.

• Crucially, we take multidisciplinary approach and work with hundreds of CSOs, organizations, schools, business governments and individuals around Africa and beyond which seek to see research applied in different policy areas and practice. Such collaboration allows us to build or consolidate partnerships with a broad array of actors with the ability to drive change in society. By sharing skills and knowledge this way we strengthen the capacity of many individuals and communities improving their ability to make informed choices to better their lives.

• Give you access to the latest research on leadership.

• Collaborate, develop and share best practices to help organizations engage in human rights, development and governance.

For more information about what our research offers, please consult our detailed research policy.