Training & Strengthening Capacity

“An African is known to be his brother’s keeper and that is who I am. I am hoping that with this, I will go back more equipped to make changes. I hope that I will be the change.”


The chapters are the engines of AU Watch as they do the practical work of implementing the in-country projects and programs of AU Watch. AU Watch’s highly autonomous Chapters are at the forefront of innovation, impact and how we get things done.

Who We Are

Building and strengthening capacities are crucial to our work with individuals, communities, media professionals, the AU and its Member States and other CSOs. By sharing skills and knowledge – whether with policy makers, journalists, businesses, students, our volunteers, youths and other local and international organisations – we empower people to understand and claim their rights, make informed choices and improve their outlook on life.

What We Do

We conduct numerous training courses on a range of themes. Our training courses combine knowledge sharing and skills building, with plenty of opportunity to reflect on your work. We offer bespoke trainings, where we work closely with you to tailor the training to your specific learning needs, taking into account the realities in which you work. We are of the view that to properly understand the AU, and indeed many of the challenges of Africa demands not only an understanding of African international affairs, but a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the culture and history of Africa and its various constituents, and continuous interaction with a broad cross-section of these societies. We have some of the finest scholars and analysts in our team, with a thorough understanding of the politics and social dynamics of Africa. Many of them worked with the AU for many years. We are therefore in the best position to develop new ideas on how best to confront critical issues faced by the AU and Africa, and take advantage of opportunities to resolve challenges confronting it. Using what we have learned as an organization, our expert knowledge, experience and ideas enable us to shape the future of many of the issues we follow at AU Watch. Policy recommendations are developed in collaboration with our policymakers, experts and stakeholders.